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Jun 27, 2014

totally-tripendicular said: your music posts <3_<3


puerto rico
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puerto rico

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fashion-clue: | Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear &amp; Outfits
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fashion-clue: | Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear & Outfits

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Anonymous said: How do you move on from a horrible breakup? I know that you have to keep yourself busy, and I do, but i keep thinking about him. Idk what else I can do to forget him, any advice? Thanks! :)

I’m sorry to hear about your breakup. =/ First things first though, BLOCK AND DELETE HIM FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA! Stalking is a definite NO!!!! The worst thing you can do is keep hurting yourself over and over by seeing how he’s doing or what he’s been up to. In my opinion, don’t even try to be “just friends”. I mean yeah, sometimes it works out but most of the time it doesn’t and will only make things worse. If your ex didn’t want to be a part of your life anymore, why waste your time trying to be a part of his. I’m not gonna say to not be sad and not to cry because honestly it’s ok to. I actually recommend you do and once you get all those feelings out, you show everyone you don’t need his ass! Go out, have fun, meet new people and just live your life. With your head up high, a good attitude and a smile on your face everyday, you’ll soon find your happiness again. :) There’s someone out there for everyone, you just got to be patient and until you meet that someone, do you and have fun!

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ari2cool4u said: Cool bloggg

Thank you! :)

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